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All children from Nursery to Primary 7 take part in Community Groups. Nursery, Primary 1 and Primary 2 are the Eco Warriors. The rest of the school from Primary 3 to Primary 7 are mixed up into the other Community Groups.

This year our Community Groups are:

Book Buddies
The Book Buddies aim to promote reading for enjoyment by organising book related events and fun challenges to encourage reading. We want to improve our school library and encourage everyone to respect books and keep our library tidy.

Eco Explorers
The Eco Explorers are working hard to help the school to be green! We organise everyday things like the litter rota and special events like Switch Off Fortnight. Part of our job is to let everyone know what to do by holding special assemblies and by making posters.  We know that what we do is very important because we are helping to save the planet! We can’t do this important job all by ourselves so sometimes we work with the Eco Warriors, the Outsiders and the Health Promoting Schools. This year we won the Green Flag Eco Schools Award and we are already working to keep it!

Playground Peacemakers
Playground peace makers are here to make the playground a safe and happy place to be. We encourage people not to bully and to be friendly. If there is a fall out we try to sort it out by having a good attitude. We use problem soloing methods to sort out disagreements. Buddies are primary3/4 they play games with people who might be lonely or are struggling to find someone to play with.  

The Outsiders
Our group is for children who love being outside and finding out about nature, no matter what the weather’s like. We’ll be investigating the animals and plants that live  in our school grounds and thinking of things that the school can do to make this a really good home for them. We `ll also  be working in Maggie`s garden, helping to grow food for school dinners and big learning cookery classes.

Health Heroes
Health heroes are responsible for keeping the school healthy , happy and safe. We hold assemblies, we organise events such as the big pedal where we have a cycle to school week. We have 2 junior road safety officers who teach pupils how to cross the road safely. We have a buddy bench which we look after to help people who don`t have someone to play with. Health heroes help you out!

Parental Support

If you would like to support our Community Groups then we would love to hear from you! Our Community Groups are every second Tuesday. Please get in touch with the school office if you would like to get involved.